Top Krishna Movies For Your Kids

As we already know, animated films, TV shows, and series are released in the language of Telugu that became very popular all over the world.

When the Telugu film making industry creates such animated series, they take in mind every little detail since it comes to children. The Telugu Film Industry is trying to produce an animated series that will both entertain children with history and play a cognitive role. The child will be able to learn many interesting facts.

Telugu’s animated films are both mythological and adventure. Telugu movie industry is publishing many other genres. Because of this, Telugu animated films are more diverse. Thanks to all this, they can increase their performance more and more every year, and at the same time, Telugu movies are gaining trust. Both adults and children like Telugu movies. Today, many animated series have been released in the language of Telugu, and so far, none of them have received an inadequate response. Telugu movie industry makes high quality and exciting animated series and films. That is why their production rises to a new level every year. Also, check aha videos where you can watch top quality Telugu movies here.

ChhotaBheem & Krishna Mayanagari:

ChhotaBheem& Krishna Mayanagari Telugu animated film tells the following story. Maayandri is a demon who does everything he can to free his brother Kirmanda. This demon wants to let his brother free, but this time Krishna falls prey to Maayandri’s devious plot. Two great heroes are trying to do everything to make Mayander’s horrible plans stop. These heroes are doing everything to prevent Maayandris’s brother from returning to the world. The rest of the film is about how these great heroes will manage to stop and to avoid evil’s return in the world.

Mighty Raju The Great Pirate:

Mighty Raju, The Great Pirate, tells the story of a little boy who lives with his parents in the town of Arya Nagar. Raju’s father, the Swami, is one of the most famous and successful scientists, and he and his friend will create a very powerful but at the same time dangerously complicated Neutrino. Swami’s wife Sandhya will drink this compound instead of her medicine during pregnancy, and this compound will be activated after five years. For that reason, Rajuc will get a superpower that makes her very united.

Krishna BalramKalvakra:

Krishna BalramKalvakra is another excellent work in the language of Telugu, which tells the beautiful story of Krishna. After Kalvakra, the demon who has been defeated, Krishna continues his ongoing activities and fights against many horrible evil beings who are faced on the road. This is a story about a demon Kalvakra who one day kidnaps Krishna’s friend Udhos. Of course, Krishna does not get used to this fact and will with his brothers Balram and Radha to defeat the invisible demon and save his friend from a horrible, dangerous situation. The rest of the film is about how Krishna and brothers Balram and Radha will save Udho.
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