Being the Expert in Tax Preparation

The tax specialist must have a dual competence; legal and financial. Above all, he must know the various existing company statutes and their implications. He must also know everything about the tax declaration. If you are wondering how to become a tax preparer then here are the options for you.

Like all jobs that involve handling large numbers, rigor is required, no approximation is tolerated, as the implications can be disastrous for the client.

A good tax expert is also a good diplomat

If he works in a company, maintaining a good rapport with his colleagues is useful, as he often deals with other departments such as human resources for example. Being comfortable both orally and in writing is an advantage.

Another advantage is that you can speak and write English in order to be able to compare different tax regimes. In addition, it is mainly large companies such as multinationals that need advice on tax matters, exchanges are carried out exclusively in English.

Finally, the tax expert is respectful of the law. The temptation to fraud can be powerful, so irreproachable morality must accompany the tax expert in his decisions throughout his career.

Tax expert: career / possibility of development:

The players in the professional world that a young tax specialist should target are SMEs, large companies and specialized firms. After ten years in a firm, a tax specialist can hope to become a partner. In business, the tax lawyer sees his responsibilities extended and his salary increase with experience.

  • A tax expert can also set up his own practice, but only after several years of experience.
  • Monthly gross salary of a beginner: € 2,500.

Become a Tax Expert: training required

Employers are demanding and do not hire any candidate with less than 5 years of higher education, that is to say a master’s degree. This master must be accompanied by a specialization in tax law. Many candidates choose to take a law degree followed by a master’s degree specializing in tax law. There are many of them all over France.

The ideal way to access the profession of tax specialist is to have a dual education, in business and tax law.

Job situation / context to become a Tax Expert

The main employers of tax professionals are traditionally large companies, particularly if they have an international dimension, and tax consulting firms. Taxation has become a major financial issue for economic players and tax law is developing more and more. 

Many debates on taxation feed our daily lives, because regimes are very different from one country to another and globalization poses many questions. If the position is valued, you should know that employers and headhunters are primarily looking for experienced tax specialists. For a young graduate, it is not easy to access this position.

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