When you should kiss bars goodbye

            It’s a thing we all ask ourselves from time to time. Is it enough already? Should I stop? When is it the time to take the final bow and leave the nightlife once and for all? We’re giving you an answer today.

            If you’re a night owl, you’ve probably found yourself thinking about how long that’s going to last on several occasions. Maybe when you were hungover, or when that girl you just spent the night with said she didn’t take a pill. One of the other, or something completely different, maybe it’s time for you to revisit those thoughts and ask yourself these next few questions.

  1. Are you often skipping school or calling in sick to work?

That might be a sign you’ve had your fair share of clubbing, at least for now. Don’t ever ruin your future or current career for a couple of sleepless nights at random people’s houses. It seems fine now, but it’s a disaster in the long run.

  • Are your friends getting concerned?

Your drinking buddies/girls may notice it before you do, so consider their opinions. Maybe when you think about it, you’ll see what they mean when they tell you you’ve crossed the line. Maybe you’ve even started visiting mens clubs.

  • Has it become an occupation?

It’s okay to look forward to a couple of beers after an exhausting week at work, but has it become all you think about? Is it so important that you might cancel other plans to go to a bar and meet random strangers?

  • Are you spending a lot of money when you go out?

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a sign that you’ve had enough of it. Maybe you’re just a giver when you get drunk, so you keep buying rounds of shots for the whole bar. That’s fine. But if you’re spending tremendous amounts of money on yourself, you should take a look at the receipt. And we’re not talking Dom Perignon expensive. We’re talking 13 beers in a mens club.

  • Are you married?

Please don’t go to bars often if you’re married, especially if you have kids or one on the way. It’s a whole another level of ‘oh please don’t do that.’ If there’s a line to be crossed, this one is it.

  • Is it ruining your quality of life?

This one speaks for itself. Do you find it hard to leave? Keep going on benders and waking up in a different hotel room every other morning? Do you have 11 missed calls from your boss that you’re scared to answer? That could be quite concerning, and maybe you should consider taking a break.

            None of this must mean that you’re an alcoholic and that you’ll never recover from your current state. It’s just a little self-check for you to see if maybe it’s time for a temporary or a permanent break. It’s always nice to avoid unnecessary trips to the therapist.

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